Saturday, June 30, 2012

You’ll find it all at the Y.M.C.A!



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My precious Kayla brings us so much Joy!



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We took the kids to the YMCA this week, to try and find a little relief from the 100 degree weather.



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The water felt so wonderful!



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We got there at the perfect time, and had the pool all to ourselves.



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While eating a snack Kayla lost another tooth! Now that should be worth a few dollars.



pw IMG_3821_filtered

And I got this adorable shot of my precious Karli and her huge smile.



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Now Cole just steals my heart.  He is absolutely the sweetest little boy,

We are making so many special memories to cherish!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fun!



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I have always loved hydrangeas.   I was so excited when my next door neighbor's mother sent me a cutting from her garden last year.  I planted it and was so surprised when it produced this beautiful bloom.  Thanks again Deb!


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I had the girls over for 5 days and we had so much fun.



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Each day we had to drop off my son at the mall for work.  So we made some time to squeeze in a little fun since we were already there.  There was no problems with that!



w IMG_3622_filtered

Yes, and they still love riding the carrousel!




w IMG_3640_filtered

And they played on the slip and slide to cool off on these summer days.  Oh my, it has been so HOT!



pw IMG_3580_filtered

One day we all met Popsy for dinner after work at the girls favorite restaurant.


pw IMG_3594_filtered

We sang and danced until late at night! These those girls have some energy.  But Grammy kept up!



pw IMG_3681_filtered

And on Sunday Karli was so happy that see got to see her big sister. She really missed her!


w IMG_3649_filtered

Finally, all the girls were back together again!



Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Grandchildren Do…



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They melt your heart…with only one glance!



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They make you smile.



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They give us hope.




w IMG_3026_filtered

They make us laugh.




w IMG_3002_filtered

They teach us many things.




w IMG_2857_filtered

They lift our spirits.






w IMG_2922_filtered

They know how to have fun.





w IMG_3097_filtered

They remind us of what really matters.




w IMG_3144

They know how to be silly.




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They never cease to amaze us.




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They challenge us.




w IMG_3054_filtered

They shower us with love.




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They make us think.




w IMG_2773_filtered

They bring us joy.




w IMG_2610_filtered

They touch our hearts.  They make us special.  I’m forever grateful for this special gift!