Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be Determined!







To follow God's leading you must have confidence that:

  • He has a definite plan for your life;
  • you are capable of hearing from Him;
  • and whatever He asks of you, He will enable you to do!

Once you've heard from God, be resolute!

Things worth having never come easy. If you find yourself weakening, ask God for determination and He will impart it to you through His Spirit.

Don't go in a different direction because of worry, or discouragement, or the sentiments of others.

I’m learning what resolve means as I am studying the life of Daniel.

Godliness is never accidental, neither victory coincidental.  Both stem from up front daily resolve.

(Beth Moore)


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 365-My Week in Pictures









While we were in Disney I bought the girls a new tea set in England.  I wanted something special to serve them.  So, when I found this today, I thought it was just perfect for a pink princess tea party!




My son and I went shopping.  It was the most beautiful afternoon.  I asked him to stop and let me take a practice shot on him.  Gosh…he’s so handsome and just such a pleasure to spend time with.   Much love to you Jordan.





My granddaughters had their first pedicure.  They were so excited to show me their fancy nails. 




We started our new bible study today.  Oh my…I think this is going to be my all time favorite.  I love studying the old testament.  This one is rich in history and so relevant for our lives today.  What a blessing it is to have this opportunity to study the word.




Took my grands to the playground in our neighborhood.  The girls love the gym set.  Before long it’ll be too hot for Grammy to spend too much time there.




After a long grueling day in the yard, my husband and nephew redid our gardens.   I’m really excited about all the new spring flowers that will soon be blooming!




Spent a wonderful girls day out.  We started off with a dress up party and then headed out to the show.  I treasure these memories.


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A Slice of Life






This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is more of a photojournalistic one.

They want an image that you feel capture a “slice of life.”

I took this yesterday morning of my granddaughter as she was laying in bed reading a story with my nook.

I love this sweet little girl!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365-My Week in Pictures









The first thing I noticed when we returned home from our  vacation was the grass was finally coming back to life.   Oh how exciting after such a long cold winter.  After pulling out all the weeds my “green thumb” hubby was spraying some weed killer to keep the enemy at bay.



Now, not only is my hubby a hard working man, but he’s sometimes a little romantic as well.  While picking up a few things I needed at the store, look what he surprised me with?  What a gorgeous bunch of roses.  Could not decide which color was my favorite.  Thanks honey♥



Before we finally put up our suitcases from the trip, Caesar found a new little niche to call his own.  Cats are so strange!



I recently started a photography class on Thursday nights.  It’s been a blast.   On the way to my car, I noticed they were having an outdoor concert in the plaza near the studio.  It was such a beautiful night, so I stopped and took a couple of shots.  Next week I may sit and enjoy some music.




One of my all time favorite plants is the Bridal Wreath.  We finally planted some bushes last year, and I was thrilled to see it in full blossom this spring. 



Oh, it was so good seeing my grandbabies after a long week.  I got  spoiled being with them all day long in Disney.  Now, look at that smile.   It melts my heart every time.



This picture is such a treasure to me.  Cole and Karli have the typical brother and sister relationship.   Lots of mothering on her part, even though Cole can get a little weary of all that devotion.  So, to get them together like this was just priceless.  They really do adore each other, but just need some space at times!


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Weeks of happiness

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disney 2011






Just got back from one incredible week at Disney World.  Here are some highlights of the memoires we’ll cherish for years to come!




We flew to Disney with my son Jordan and my two oldest grands.  The girls were so excited, and so were we.  My son and daughter in love drove down the day before.




Can you see how excited we were about going to visit Mickey?




Getting our gear ready for some great memories.  Yep, my grands also love taking pictures just like their Grammy. 



We were so blessed to be able to stay on the Disney grounds at this amazing resort reserved for the military and their families.  The rooms were huge and the grounds were gorgeous.




On our first night out we went to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We were all tired but very excited to finally be there!




Just seeing this sign at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom stirs so many wonderful emotions and memories of times now past! 




The spring weather was just gorgeous!   Flowers everywhere. 




The autograph books were always out, and we had a mission to get all the characters to sign them.  The kids took this very serious!  Even Cole got into the act at only 2 years old!  Don’t ever say you can’t learn from your older sisters.




Oh my…it was so much fun to see how thrilled the children were!  Their bright eyes and million dollar smiles told the whole story.




Well, it was love at first sight for Cole and Minnie at the Animal Kingdom!




One of our favorite shows was The Lion King in Animal Kingdom.  We got front row seats in a packed auditorium, and the children were called up to participate in the grand finale with the Disney actors. 




No one was shy about this chance for instant stardom!  They just stole the show, well,  at least in Grammy’s eyes…!  I hope the agents we watching.




The girls also got picked to play a part in another play in the Magic Kingdom at the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Here is Grace learning her swordsmanship skills with Jack Sparrow the Pirate. 




At the end of the play they were all awarded honorary Pirates’ certificates!  In the future, I’m sure this will look real good on the resumes.




Jason and Kristin stopping for a quick shot, they sure stayed busy keeping up with the kids…but always made time for lots of hugs!




I’m sure glad Kayla found Nemo!  It really had us upset when we found out he was missing!




We had a free day so Jason and Kristin took the kids to Sea World.  I shot this just before they left the hotel lobby.  They had a wonderful day with Shamu and all the dolphins!




The next morning we had reservations with Chef Mickey and all of the characters for breakfast.  The kids could hardly eat as they waited for their turn to visit with their Disney friends.




Yep, more autographs and a personal visit from the Chef himself!




I sat out with the two youngest at Base Camp, while the rest of the gang went on to the summit at Mt. Everest.  I was glad they all made it back safe and sound.



We had some really late nights, but the girls still managed to play before they went to bed.  Yes, as you can see, I love to dress them alike, all of the time!  It’s one of Grammy’s favorite hobbies.




This was taken inside the castle at the Magic Kingdom.  The girls were doing a dance for me.  I guess they were practicing for the Ball and Prince Charming!



We were so excited to meet up my beautiful niece, Jennifer and her son Mason, while we were there.




Jordan and I visiting Japan while at Epcot.  What a beautiful day it was!  Who could have imagined that the very next day there would be a devastating earthquake and tsunami.




I loved this one of Karli.   She is so precious when she laughs!




While in Epcot at the American pavilion, we took the kids to an incredible show about the history of our great nation.  They really enjoyed learning so many neat things.




And you can’t leave Disney without spending time with all the beautiful princesses!


It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney without trying on all the funny hats.  Here are a few of my favorites.



































We  made so many beautiful memories, and are so grateful for the time we had with our family.  Already looking forward to our next trip!+





And finally at the airport heading back to Home Sweet Home!

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