Thursday, March 7, 2013

St. Jude with the grands!



w IMG_9596

We recently went back to St. Jude for my son Jordan’s six month check up.


pw IMG_0025

He is the handsome young man sitting there in the middle of our two precious granddaughters.  Jordan is a brain tumor survivor. 



pw IMG_9776

There are always lots of fun things happening at St. Jude.  While we were in between clinic appointments a juggler came to entertain the kids.



pw IMG_9801

We got a great report that Jordan’s tumor has remained stable, which made this visit a wonderful time to celebrate the good news!



pw IMG_9797

We wanted to take our grandchildren so they could see all the amazing things St. Jude does to care for the children that come to the hospital with life threating diseases.




pw IMG_9807

One evening we went to the mall with the girls and they got to make a Build-a-Bear.  Oh my…they were in heaven.  “Now, if I could only decide which one to choose?”



pw IMG_9841

Here’s our little Karli pumping up her bear!



pw IMG_9847

It was love at first sight for Kayla!



pw IMG_9886

Finally, they were all groomed and dressed, and we were off to have some more fun!


pw IMG_9959

Cole was patient while the girls did their thing, but now he was ready to do some high jumping on the trampoline.



pw IMG_9977

Up, up and away they went.  Talk about fun…



pw IMG_9897_Perfect365

We are so blessed to have these amazing gifts from God in our lives!



pw IMG_9707

The next day we went to the Memphis Zoo.  The weather was picture perfect!  Oh, no….looks like we spotted three ferocious bears!




pw IMG_9736

And then I saw this beautiful little monkey! I think I’ll just take her home with me.



There are just no word to express the joy we have as grandparents.  These little ones have truly filled a special place in our hearts.