Friday, February 1, 2013

Disney Magic


w IMG_1923

For the past few years, our family has taken an annual trip to Disney World.  I don’t know who gets more excited…our grandchildren or us!



pw IMG_0599

This year was extra special;  all 5 of our sons came.  Talk about a lot of planning!  My wonderful daughter in love took care of every last detail.




wpe MG_0771

Thanks so much, Kristin.  Your hard work paid off.  Each day was filled with all kinds of fun things to do, and we ate at some amazing places. 




pw IMG_0625

We spent our first day in the Magic Kingdom.  Here we are at the Crystal Palace for lunch.  Yummy…




pw IMG_0647

There is nothing like watching the spectacular parade on Main Street.  The magic had officially begun.




pw IMG_0907

Karli had a love affair with her cousin Grace; she would not let her out of her sight!




pw IMG_1004

Here we are taking a quick photo stop.  Gosh…so many beautiful places to take pictures. 



pw IMG_1055

Even my son Jordan got mouse fever!  Who doesn’t love Mickey?




w IMG_0747

Smile, girls, we don’t want to forget any of these special moments.




pw IMG_1073

Here we are, one more character stop before we leave!




pw IMG_1155

As you can see, the weather was just gorgeous.  Lots of sunshine and smiles.  Couldn’t have been more perfect.



pw IMG_1341

Next stop… Animal Kingdom.  Uncle Joe’s job was to entertain the kids while we waited for our table.  As you can see, he did a great job!




pw IMG_1486

Karli (our little animal lover) was just mesmerized by an amazing bird show.




w pe IMG_1501

As you can see, we planed our outfits accordingly.  Looking forward to making that scrapbook soon.


w IMG_1319

To end our day we went on an adventured-filled safari ride.




w IMG_1318

Is she not just adorable?




pw IMG_1192

We took a break during the week and went to Sea World.  Oh boy, what fun!  This was my first visit…I’ll be back for sure.



pw IMG_1148

Looks like someone made a friend.




w IMG_1286

This show was simply awesome! 




w IMG_1270

Looks like I spotted a really nice looking guy in the crowd!




wpe IMG_0769

Another highlight from our trip was going to the American Idol Experience.  No flash photography was allowed.   As you can see that smile lit up the place!




wpe IMG_0779

Now…for the hard part, who would we choose?  Who will be the next American Idol?



wpe IMG_0796_filtered

My three amigos,  still ready for more fun!



pw IMG_1761

One of my favorite places to visit in Disney World is Epcot. Now that the girls are getting older, they have found their favorite countries to visit.



pw IMG_1803

My American beauties!



w IMG_1795

Here is our reward for getting old!





wpe IMG_0817 It seems just like yesterday we took these guys to Disney as little boys.  Where has the time gone?




wpe IMG_0949

And now we have our precious grandson!  So many moments I’ll cherish forever.




pw IMG_1645

I could keep going with the many pictures I took, but for now I’ll stop.



w IMG_1703

We were worn out by the end of our trip, but we are already looking forward to going back!   Thanks so much taking your time to stop by.