Saturday, October 20, 2012

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer



pw IMG_7111_filtered

It only seems like yesterday the kids were getting out of school for the summer.



pw IMG_3774

We had all kinds of fun things planned for them to do during their summer vacation.



pw IMG_4161_filtered

I love the summer because I get to spend so much time with my grandchildren.  But when hurricanes come our way, as they often do, my son gets activated by the National Guard.



pw IMG_4307_filtered

and…as you can I see, I just love taking their pictures. Wouldn't you?



pw IMG_4348

And dressing them alike. 



pw IMG_4328

The girls have so much fun together, no matter where we go.



pw IMG_7296

These are the memories I have stored up in my heart; moments I will forever cherish.



pw IMG_7356

And this little trooper still knows how to have fun, even though he is out-numbered by the girls 3 to 1!



pw IMG_7463

The kids are finally getting used to Grammy’s camera.  But they have learned that they can bargain “a smile for a treat”!



pw IMG_7512

And oh boy, that twinkle in their eye simply melts my heart.



pw IMG_9092

Gosh…they are growing up right before my lenses…(I mean my eyes). 



pw IMG_3866_filtered

And before I knew it, the kids were making plans to go shopping for their new uniforms and school supplies.



pw IMG_9140_filtered

I’ve learned…“time waits for no one”.   So I’m numbering my days and using them wisely. (Psalm 90:12)  Giving thanks always for the many Blessings God has brought into my life!

So long summertime, let the fall fun begin…