Monday, May 30, 2011

Project 365 and a really sweet shot!



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My sweet granddaughters did some beautiful artwork for my wall in the den.  Kayla knows how much I love Hello Kitty so she surprised me with this picture.  Oh I just love being a Grammy!



My nephew come over and brought us some awesome Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain soft shell crabs.  My husband did a great job cooking these beauties up for dinner.





For my sweet shot this week I choose this picture of my precious granddaughter.  Oh my, it doesn’t take much to get a great smile from Kayla!




My daughter in love came over with the children for the day.  I’m so excited school is finally out.  Now we’ll get to hang out and do some fun things during the week.  We went to a neat little community park close to our house, and the kids had a blast playing in the water fountain.




Oh what an exciting day.  Kayla lost her very first tooth!  She was just beside herself, and couldn’t wait for the tooth fairy to come by that night.  My little girl is growing up so fast.




Ever since we moved we have been waiting to have a garage sale.  Finally the day arrived.  The weather was beautiful, we met some wonderful people, and did much better then we ever expected.  We boxed up all the left-overs and brought it to Good Will.




Had a wonderful day.  After an incredible church service we grabbed a quick bite and came home.  My husband pulled out his guitar and started playing it for me.  It’s been awhile, and I’ve missed hearing that sweet sound in our home.


Thanks so much for dropping by today!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Song of Praise!






Scripturesfor sunday


Psalm 59 begins as David's cry to be rescued from his enemies. He asks the Lord to punish them because of their evil ways.

By the end of the psalm, however, David shifts his focus away from his enemies and towards God.

He remembers how God has protected him from danger in the past.

Thus he concludes this song of worship: "O my Strength, to you I sing praises, for you, O God, are my refuge, the God who shows me unfailing love" (59:17).

One thing I have learned through the years is that we are truly held by the Lord’s loving hands.  To know Jesus as our strength is one of the most assuring things that brings us comfort in trying times.

His unfailing love has upheld me time and time again.

Oh what a joy and privilege it is to praise Him at all times!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flower Power and vibrant color!



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The theme of the meme’s for today is “flowers and vibrant color”. 

Well, with summer already here, it’s easy to spot these kinds of things all around.

  Rosy Note




I bought these beautiful daisy's and have enjoyed them so much.  There is just something about bright and cheery flowers.




This lone allium was blooming in our front garden.  I just love the color purple.




Somehow this plant survived the cold winter this year and came back with these beautiful blooms.




For something vibrant I choose this picture of my beautiful granddaughter.  It seems like yesterday she was cutting her first tooth, now her permanent teeth are coming in.  Oh what a joy it is watching her grow up right before my eyes!




And finally this picture of my other granddaughter, sweet Kayla.  Now…if that smile isn’t vibrant I don’t know what is?  Gosh…I’m one blessed Grammy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project 365-Sweet Shot Tuesday











My darling grands hanging out at Grammy’s house.  Oh how I love spending time with them.  I thought I’d use this as my sweet shot of the week!

(no picture for Monday!)




My son Jordan sitting  outside the house waiting for our cat, he affectionately calls “Beezie”, to come in!



Decided to make an avocado salad for my hubby.  This one was perfectly ripe! Hummm.



My granddaughter came over and was so excited to to spend some time playing with our neighbor’s daughter Kiki ! The girls love driving our golf cart around the cul-de-sac.



It was a “girls weekend” at Grammy’s.  I took them for a ride to the pond and we hung out for some fun and of course a few photo’s.



What a busy and fun day we had on Saturday!  We started off with a little finishing trip, and the girls had a ball learning all the tricks from Popsy.  Then we headed over to the Relay for Life Celebration.  The theme this year was “Remember - Fight Back”!  We never take for granted the many battles my son Jordan has won as a survivor.  Here he is with his cousin Stephen who came up for the weekend.



After morning church, we went out to eat.  We came home and the girls had fun playing in the sprinkler.  Summer has definitely arrived.  The day ended with an awesome dinner with my neighbor and some new blogger friends. 


Once again thanks so much for dropping by today!

I heart faces- yellow





My sweet little Karli having fun in the tub!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seeing the Big Picture!








I read this awesome devotion today and wanted to pass it on.  I pray it speaks to your heart as it did to mine.

Sometimes God permits things, other times He actually plans them.

Either way, He's got a definite plan in mind. In the midst of unspeakable heartache, Job said, "He performeth the thing that is appointed for me."

When you realize that God has "appointed" something for you, it changes how you see it.

It's like flying. On the ground your view is limited, but ten thousand feet up everything looks different. Now you're seeing what God sees: "the big picture!"

The Bible says that after Job came through his trials he was blessed with twice as much as he had before (See Job 42:10). Does that mean if you lose a $30,000-a-year job you'll get back a $60,000-a-year one? Or that your checkbook will always balance, or your car never break down, or your health never fail?

No, sometimes God rewards our faith with things we can't measure in monetary value—like relationships, joy, character, peace you didn't have before, a fresh sense of purpose, protection from danger, favor with others, clearer understanding, more compassion, and intimacy with Him.

What value would you place on those?

I’m so blessed I can trust God to cause all things to work out for my good!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 365-Sweet Shot!







This is a precious little bird house that has found it’s home at my daughter-in-love’s house.  Her Granny gave this to her as a gift and was so surprised to find a little bird actually found a home in there! 




While I was at the grocery, I spotted these beautiful tulips and thought they would look perfect in one of my tea pots. 



Our good friends Jim and Cyndy came out to visit.  Jim was such a blessing as he helped my husband out with some things he wanted to get done around the house, but was unable to do since his back surgery.  Jim, you rock!  We sure love you and Cyndy!




I just loved this cute little expression on my grandson’s face.  He’s always smiling or laughing.  He has the best personality!  What more can I say, I’m smitten.



After 10 years of driving our van we finally traded it in for another car.  Oh what a happy day!   This is actually a used car, but it only had 16,000 miles, still under factory warrantee, and just immaculate.  Talk about blessed!






For my sweet shot this week I choose this one of my granddaughter.  Normally she’s laughing or smiling in all of her pictures.  But I caught this sweet little moment.  I just love those long lashes and big beautiful brown eyes!




My husband took this picture of us right before we left for church on Sunday.   The pastor taught such an awesome Word, and then we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with he and his wife after church.


Thanks so much for stopping by today.  May the Lord bless you♥

Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365-St. Jude Visit





For my recap of this past week I thought I’d share some pictures we took while we were at St. Jude for my son’s check up visit.



We arrived in Memphis on Sunday.   After putting our bags in our room, we headed to the cafeteria for a quick bite to eat.  When you go in the hospital on the weekends you are given a visitors pass to wear.




Monday morning.  All the little wagons are lined up  down the hall waiting for their precious patients.  Today is scan day for us.  Nothing more to say!



Jordan waiting to go and do his labs at triage.  A long day ahead.



Now the hard part.  Waiting and praying as Jordan is in the back.  My son is sedated for his MRI’s due to a movement disorder he developed after radiation.



There is all kinds of neat art on the walls that patients have made over the years.  This is a mask like just like the one my son wore during his brain radiation treatments.  It would take a teenage girl to come up with the idea of decorating hers to celebrate completing her treatment!  We still have ours.




For my sweet shots this week I choose to share a few pictures of some really wonderful friends, both new and old, that we have made at St. Jude.


These adorable twin boys are a new family my son met on this trip.  They loved spending time with Jordan.



It’s always great seeing our friends from Habitat for Hope.  This beautiful young girl is a cancer survivor we met several years ago.  Her parents decided to move to Memphis and start a wonderful foundation to help minister to critically ill children and their families.



This is my wonderful friend Dawn.  She is Shae and Mason’s mom.  I met Dawn through Caringbridge.  Her son Shae was also patient at St. Jude.



Jordan and Mason.  We had a wonderful dinner after a long day at the hospital.  Time to celebrate a great report.  All things are stable!  We are so grateful and elated!


IMG_0567 - Copy

We also have to see a neurologist in Memphis who takes care of Jordans’ sleep disorder.    Yep…the only office you’ll find in his treatment center has a bed in it!



With all the talk of the Mississippi river rising we took a ride out to see the river.  This was a beautiful park area that is now completely covered with water.



Right before we left they began placing sandbags around all the doors at the hospital.  We are praying they will not need them.  Time is getting close for the river to crest.




Stopping by to take a look at the new statue they erected outside the hospital entrance.  There are not enough words to express our deepest gratitude for the vision and work of Danny Thomas.  We are only one of countless lives that have been touched by the research and treatment that is done at St. Jude! 


Thanks so very much for stopping by today!