Monday, January 30, 2012

Tee Time!






After raising 5 sons I was anxiously awaiting  granddaughters!

So…to my my great joy, the Lord blessed us with THREE gorgeous little girls.

But then the announcement came, a boy was on the way.



w IMG_8482 copy

I just couldn’t wait to see how much fun it would be for my son to have his own son.




I had no idea how special Cole would be to all of us. And how much fun little boys can be!




e IMG_8428 copy

He has the cutest personality.  Seems like everything he does brings a smile to our faces.




e IMG_8430 copy

He just adores his mom…but oh boy, his dad is truly his hero!





When Cole sees his daddy, he ready to pick us a ball and start to play. 




e IMG_8434 copy

You name the sport…Cole can do it, and does it with all his heart.




e IMG_8521 copy

Yes…he loves football, soccer, basketball and now even golf. It won’t be long until Popsy will have him out on the course.





He makes us all so proud indeed!





And we all can’t get over how this gift from the Lord has changed our world.  We sure love you Cole Dillon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Dreamed A Dream






W IMG_8286 copy

OK ladies…I had the dream of all dreams!  In it I was the owner of all of these beauties.  Can you imagine? Too bad I had to wake up and realize it was just a dream.




Well…a girl can still dream… right?  But, last weekend one dream did come true for me.   My sweet friend, neighbor and fellow phototog Debra went went me to the  Imaging USA Expo in New Orleans.



W IMG_8246 copy

Talk about fun.  We walked around and saw so many amazing booths, all filled with everything a photographer would need.




w-IMG_8254 copy

We also got to see several booths of company’s we knew and have worked with or would love to work with.




W-IMG_8248 copy

Of course I was tempted more then once to make a purchase or two.  Oh they had the cutest camera straps at Adorama!




One of the last places we visited was Borrowed Lens.  I really love this company.  I’ve rented several lenses from them.  Debra caught this precious expression on my son’s face when he saw how  HUGE the lens on this camera was!  He just could not get over it.  In case you’re wondering, you can buy this lens for $10,000 dollars, or rent it for $250.00 a week.  Not bad if you’re going to the Super Bowl or a safari in Africa! 


Well…it’s now time to wake up!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Texture Tuesday





horizontal frame copy

And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. 

Isaiah 45:3


This week Kim gave us a prompt to use for texture Tuesday.   The word was “open”. 

It took a while to think of something, then I remembered this neat little jewelry box on my dresser.

Hoping something extra special will open up for you today!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Made With Love




Darcy over at Life With My 3 Boybarians is hosting a new project that is called  Project 52.  This is a 52-week photo challenge that I've decided to take this year.  We will have a theme each week for this challenge.


It’s week # 2 and the theme is

“Made with Love”




While we were having lunch at the mall this past week, the kids were so excited to see the Build-A-Bear character walking around.  So naturally they wanted to “Build-a-Bear!




The first thing they had to do was choose an un-stuffed bear from a very large selection.  Decisions, decisions…




But finally they did, and now it was time to stuff them!




My favorite part of building a bear is the “heart ceremony”.  Here the lady at the store that was helping them, was telling them to rub the heart, and make a wish!




And now the bear is filled with so much love!




Once she is stuffed and complete, it’s time for a quick bath!




Kayla named her bear Isabella.




And now the fun part, picking out a new outfit.  So here is Isabella with her new dress and big smile!

A bear truly “made with love”!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekend at Grammy’s









Since the girls are not wild about bath time, I told them they could use the jets on the tub.



Well, it didn’t take long until the bath was filled with bubbles.




And the fun began.  Time for Grammy to get her camera!




Then we were off to the mall where my little fashion diva’s are always ready to strike a pose.




The girls always have blast when they are together.



I will always remember these precious moments.

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