Saturday, November 10, 2012




pw IMG_0315

This past week the kids were off of school for election day.



pw IMG_0348

We thought since the weather was so beautiful we’d go and spend the day at the Zoo.



pw IMG_0378

When when we got there, we were surprised to find that we and all the animals basically had the zoo to ourselves.  Turned out to be a pretty good idea after all.



pw IMG_0359

The kids enjoyed seeing all the animals because they were out enjoying the fall weather just like we were.



pw IMG_0290

And spent lots of time running, skipping and hopping all over.



pw IMG_0528

Of course, I took advantage of all the natural beauty around us for a few special photo shots.



pw IMG_0352

Oh my…the kids were just so precious! And as you can see, the Flamingos decided to wear pink as well.



pW  IMG_0510

And Cole loved wearing his safari hat, as he was on the lookout for some tigers. LSU Tigers…of course!



pw IMG_0559

My sweet Grace is getting so tall, and so “lady like” these days.




pw IMG_0545

Grace and Kayla are not only cousins, but are best buddies as well, and just love hanging out together.




pw IMG_0282

So here’s to some great memories on such a perfect fall day!





Finally I’d like to honor all of our Veterans for their amazing courage and service to our country today!


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