Friday, September 5, 2008

Another update...

Hi Guys!

I did not want to keep you all hanging. Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement for the Amato family. I have been reading Mrs. Susan her comments, and she is so grateful for every one of them.

I brought Jordan back to Baton Rouge earlier today. Unfortunately, they are still without power, but on the radio today it said the subdivision behind them should have power restored tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully, that means good news for them, as well. Mrs. Susan's brother-in-law came to their house yesterday with 8 loaves of bread, 2 packs of turkey, 2 gallons of milk, and the best gift ever...a window unit! I can't begin to tell you the difference this has made for them! I know they were so grateful for this luxury in the heat. It actually felt semi-comfortable in there. =)

I will keep you posted as their situation changes. Please continue to pray for power restoration ASAP, and for the damage to their home to be fixed very soon. We really can't wait to get things back to normal.

My husband (and Susan's son), Jason, is still activated with the LA Army National Guard, and probably will be for the next 2 weeks or so. I am scheduled to have a c-section on September 16, so please also pray that Baby Cole holds out for his dad to return!

Thanks again for all of your prayers!

Love, Kristin (Susan's daughter-in-law)


Amy S. said...

Please tell Susan and her family we are thinking of them. We know all to well what they are going through. We live in Florida and it is common for us to lose power..even in the heat which makes it not so good. Ike is on his way and we hope so much he stays off our path. I t does not look like it.

Hugs to all of them..

Kris said...

Praying for The Amato Family............

Kristin I will be Praying Jason returns home ( safely ) and in plenty of time for the arrival of your baby son Cole.

Praying that "Grand" ma Susan's home returns quickly to normal and that all the Amato's are Together

to celebrate The Gift of God's love to all of you..........Oh your girl's are going to be such good big sisters....

( To Susan please know I'm praying for you...Love you friend....)

Love, Hug's & many Prayer's from California,


Sharon Holeman said...

HI Kristin - This is Sharon, from Susan's cell group @ Bethany. Please let her know that my husband and I came to her blog to check on them. I'm glad everyone is ok. We are fine too - no damage - just downed trees. We too are still without power so broke the bank yesterday and bought a generator & window a/c unit too. God bless the man who invted the a/c! :) Please send her my love and hope to see her @ church this weekend. Thanks so much Kristin and God bless you too! - Sharon :)

Sheryl said...

Kristin, thank you so for the update. I've been wondering. Give my love and prayers to them all. Also, glad to know how we should be praying for you! We know how important is it that Jason will be at Cole's entry to the world. HE will provide all your needs.

Love to you all-

Michelle Bentham said...


Thank you for keeping us updated. I will be praying for my friend, Susan and all the Amato clan.

Especially that Baby Cole waits for life to get back to normal before making his grand entrance. I was worried about Susan when I heard Baton Rouge took a direct hit.

My prayers for swift recovery of household and family are definitely with you all!

Blessings sweet girl.

Smelling Coffee said...

I'm praying for you all, and praying that the God of Perfect Timing will work out every tiny detail of your baby's arrival. Blessing you in the name of Jesus...