Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blessed Aroma Nominations

Hey Ladies,

Please stop by the Internet Cafe to nominate your favorite blogs!

Thanks so much!!heart


Homesteader in Training said...

Already done! I am so blessed by so many blogs though it made it kind of hard LOL.

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sweetie,

There are just way too many. I love them all and I am thankful God uses each one to bring a blessing, a word of encouragement and at times a challenge before me.

Sounds like something wonderful you all are doing but way too many for me to nominate.

Love you always.

L2L said...

Okay going to have to check out the Internet Cafe, if there's coffee involved, I'm there. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and giving love. Yes I mentioned this morning that I used a pic of him on my blog. He tried to act causual about it but I know as soon as he got to work he checked out my blog, lol.

Runner Mom said...

THat will realy be a hard one!! I thank you for yours as it blesses me each time I visit.
Love ya,

Denise said...

Hard to pick one...... there are so many that are inspiring and uplifting.... I will give it some thought...