Monday, February 2, 2009

Take Heed, Listen and Learn

CAUTION: Road Slippery When Wet”


Warning signs, they seem to surround us everywhere. A red light flashes at the railroad crossing when a train is coming. A fire engine sounds the siren to warn us of its approach. An ambulance and police car flash their lights when there is danger in the road ahead. The thermometer tells us when our fever is rising as a sign that some kind of sickness or infection is trying to move in.

All of these signals are good, and so are God's warning signs as well. Just like those flashing lights and sirens help keep us from getting injured or killed, God’s Word has always been warning us from Genesis to the Book of Revelations.

Oh what a mess our world is in today because Adam and Eve ignored those first warnings from God. And even now, how many people continue to ignore God’s Word and the voice of his ministers who proclaim the dangers in living outside of the truth.

When I first read this quote I thought about the Titanic, one the most tragic stories ever written about in recent history. As it turns out, there were six warnings of danger 10 hours prior to the ship’s collision with the iceberg. The crew had plenty time to pursue a different course, but chose to proceed down a path to death and destruction.

Another story I thought about was that of Noah, who spent 120 years preaching impending judgment and repentance as he built the ark. Warning after warning, yet the people continued to ignore his pleadings until it was too late and the floods came.

On a more personal note, when we built our new house, we loved the lot because of the beautiful tall pine trees in the backyard. The builder warned us that we might want to consider taking them down, because pines are know to snap off under the pressure of hurricane force winds.

We thought...hurricanes never come up as far as Baton Rouge, so my husband opted to keep all the beautiful trees. Well, when Hurricane Gustav roared through Baton Rouge on Sept. 1st 2008, it was too late to reconsider our decision after the branches were hanging through our living room ceiling. Needless to say, all the trees that were not blown down in the storm have all been removed.


A house can be repaired, but if we resist God’s pleadings and continue to walk in rebellion, we may not have a second chance. Once the door to the Ark was shut, there was no escape.

I'm so glad God has given us these kinds of lessons so we can learn to heed His Words. God warns us of the danger of our sin, and because of His great love and mercy, He has always provided a way of escape.

Concerning the Law of God, David wrote these words in Ps. 19:11;

"Moreover by them your servant is warned, and in keeping of them there is great reward."

Yes, there is a reward for not only hearing, but even more importantly, obeying God's Word. By nature, I'm a slow learner, and I must confess I have failed time after time. But oh how wonderful is the Grace of God that continues to bring me back to safety!

We must be willing to step back and re-read the warning signs…

“Slippery when wet!”

It just might save your life. Thank God that He cares enough to put out those caution signs. I pray we will take heed, learn, and be guided by them.

Hope you have a safe trip. Be careful…smile_wink

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Sheryl said...

OH if only I had heeded the Lord's warnings. But I know better now and hope I am a better listener.

Thanks for the great words!

Jenileigh said...

wonderful post, said so well.

Marsha said...

So often we think "Oh, it will neve happen to me!" Then when it does, we have the nerve to ask Him why! (Well, at least I do!)
Thank you for posting this life lesson.
Have a blessed day!

Jennifer said...


MiPa said...

Great post! Great illustrations of how easy it is to miss the warning signs. Bless you!

Ava Semerau said...

What a nice post on this great thought. As you said, we are bombarded by warning signs, sometimes so much so that we tune them out completely! Thanks for the thoughts.
<>< AVA

LAURIE said...

What a great post today and illustration of the signs all around us. Signs that we so often ignore.

It reminds me of that story of when a man is stranded on an island and prays to God to rescue him, and three times different things come by: a boat, a helicopter, a plane but each time the man denied help because he knew God was going to rescue him. When the man dies of starvation on the island and goes to heaven, he asks God why He didn't rescue him and God said, "I sent a boat, a helicopter and a plane".

signs are definetly all around us.
Good post today. -Blessings, Laurie

Laurie Ann said...

Susan, your teaching is awesome here. So many signs are given and if we stay inside the Truth we'll be just fine; however, when we ignore them...uh-oh. I am so thankful for this wonderful post! You've really blessed my heart with your wisdom and knowledge here.

Karen said...

"Oh that will never happen to us." That's how we treat God's warning and we found out otherwise. Thanks for sharing today.

Denise said...

Such a wonderful post dear.

lori said...

Oh have we NOT heeded the warnings...oh my....that's a LONG story about how we just "STEAMROLLED" over God's plan and learned a LIFE long lesson...:)
I'll have to get to that story!
WHEW....your post here was FABULOUS!
Lessons of a long as we're paying attention!:)

love you!

Jenileigh said...

You have an award at my place. Come on over and pick it up!

Debbie said...

I've been reading each of the blogs who participated this week and each one is so good, including yours. I am guilty of not always listening. I think sometimes it's a matter of control. But who am I kidding? God knows what's best for me and He isn't hiding that knowledge. I'm so thankful too for His grace and that He's willing to give me second chances to learn.

I really enjoyed your post and personal examples.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh to have eyes and ears to see and hear His warning signs...AMEN to this post!

Jennifer said...

Really good reminder..thanks. I know I want to heed the warning signs..but I have to slow down/take the time to read them first. Thanks for the post -

Bonnie W said...

It's so easy to look back and realize what we should have done. Thank you for sharing such a personal and yet pointed illustration about the pine trees. It really drove home your point for me.
Bless you.

Maxine said...

Wow. There are so many warnings not being heeded now days. And how many times have we failed to listen to all of the "bewares" in God's Word. You said it all so well, Susan. As usual.

Denise said...

I marched right through some of those signs......... and yeap...... there was much trouble...... I have learned over the years to watch the red flags!