Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day to my wonderful son Jason "Lt. Amato" and all the many who have served and are serving our Great Nation!


Amy S. said...

What a handsome boy Susan! You must be so proud of him.

Love and Hugs..

Bev Brandon said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog...your blog is full of such passion for your precious God...i wonder where the deep south is?...and i wonder about your story of your precious boy?...i'll have to read further when it's not so late...your gratitude to your heavenly Father is so obvious and beautiful!

Joyfulsister said...

Aloha Susan.. Thanks for your visit..Happy Veterans Day to your son also. Boy how their fatigues and uniforms have changed over the years, My husband took his first Pic with the old Kaki uniform . ov + smile+ Oh By the way.. I like that remote on your blog LOL.
Taking any orders!!. Joyful