Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's A ...

“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth.” Psalm 127:4

♥On this Thankful Thursday I'm so thrilled to announce I'm going to be a grandmother to my very first GRANDSON! My son (Jason) and daughter in law (Kristin) called me yesterday thrilled share this awesome news. So, after three of the most adorable grand-daughters, it's time once again for trucks, cars, frogs and dinosaurs. We are all overjoyed to say the least.

♥I'm also thankful for a very caring dentist, where I've been spending lots of time these days. Yes, I'm still battling headaches and more headaches. TMJ has become a household word around here. I really need a miracle, and if you would, whisper a prayer for me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

♥I'm grateful for my son's safe arrival in Taiwan, and how happy he has been. Joseph is teaching 5 year old children English and the kids in his class just adore him. He has already rented an apartment, purchased a motor scooter to get around town, and of course bought a new guitar which he loves to play. He said the people are wonderful and the cost of living is very low compared to America. He also continually reminds me NOT TO WORRY! Unfortunately, I can’t help it , but I have learned to trust God with all my kids. Thanks so much for your prayers, I desperately need covet each and every one.

♥Finally, I'm thankful for my husband who unselfishly serves us in countless ways each day. He will have the chance to get away this coming weekend to attend a men's retreat on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and a golf game is included in the package! (Don't you just love men's retreats?) The weather has been beautiful, and I'm sure he will have a well deserved time away.

Thanks once again for all of you out there who take time to stop by and check in on me. Your comments are a blessing to me; I love getting to know you all.

Have a Happy Thankful Thursday!

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Lynn said...

You're gonna love a grandson! Am having a wonderful time with James. Of course not actually playing with him yet, but....
As for the TMJ, I thought there was a lot that could be done for it these days?! Praying hard!
Am mostly through the book I told you about. Just give a holler if you want me to pass it on to you when I'm done.

Denise said...

Congrats sweetie, wonderful news. You are in my prayers, may you find some relief.

Nise' said...

Congratulations on a new grandson! How exciting. Will pray for your headaches.

Sheryl said...

Thanks for your prayers! They are much needed.

Wonderful news on the grandson. How fun that will be. And so glad you're son is settling in in Taiwan. It's great to read what others are thankful for.

Praying you find relief from the TMJ and the headaches!


Amy said...

wow that's so cool - congrats to your son and daughter in law :-)


Lynn said...

A grandson... Oh, I am sooo looking forward to the day I have grandkids.

I always love visitin you here on Thursdays. It is like a chat with an old friend.

Happy TT!

Gina's Public Diary said...

Congratulations on your first grandson!! I've said a prayer for you...headaches are such a horrible thing.

Shari said...

Oh how terrible that you have to suffer with the pain of TMJ. I prayed that the Lord would heal you and give you relief from the pain.

So glad to hear that your son has made it safely to Taiwan and is getting settled in.

e-Mom said...

Susan, that's fantastic... a wee grandson on the way!!!Congratulations to everyone. Yippeee. :~D

BIG hugs, e-Mom

Anonymous said...

oh, congratulations! what a blessing. =)

luvmy4sons said...

WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! How awesome is that! A whole new stage of life! That is wonderful! You will be a great grandma!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Lord, give Susan relief from this TMJ that is causing her so much pain.

My cup runneth over... said...

So happy for you about your grandson! That's wonderful news! = D

So grateful to the update about your son. Sounds like he's settling in nicely. That has to be a blessing to your heart.

Your sweet spirit toward your hubby's retreat weekend blesses me so.

So sorry to hear about your TMJ and headaches. Know that in the next few moments, I'm lifting prayers on your behalf.

Take care,

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

OK, first I have to respond to your comment-> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, that's the same Lori! :)

Congrats, Grandma! Thanks for your honest heart, my friend. Praying for relief.

Blessings right back at `cha!

Faithful Froggers said...

Oh, congratulations!!! How exciting to add a BOY to all those beautiful girls. I am just thrilled and can't wait for the new arrival! You know I LOVE boys!! :)

I am praying for you, Susan! I hope you feel better soon.

Happy Thursday!
Love & FROG . . .

Susanne said...

Awesome news, Susan!! Congrats!
Praying for you and your precious family. Hope the headaches ease up soon!

LAURIE said...

Congrats Granny!I haven't crossed over into the life of Grandkids yet, but can't wait!

Thanks for checking in on my TT and for your comment. I pray relief is on the way for your headaches. - God bless, Laurie

Kim said...

Congrat's Grandma!!! Woo..hoo..a sweet precious little boy!! How exciting.

I'll be praying for your TMJ problem. NO fun. I've been dealing with a nasty sinus infection for a month's affected my teeth, I can relate Sister!!

Praying you feel better...and have an AMAZING day.


lori said...

GRAMMMMMMY!!!! A boy....How FUN...frogs, and mud!! You miss that don't you!!!

I think it's so neat to hear of your Taiwan boy..what a gift he is giving..."don't worry mom!" remind me I said that to you someday!!

Prayers for your mouth...ugh...that's a bummer! you receive!
love you!

eph2810 said...

Well - congratulations on becoming a grandma do a little boy - how awsome, Susan. I am thrilled for you and your family.
Ouch - dentist - not such a great thing to have to deal with...lifting you in prayers.
I can't even imagine to have our son across the big pond - but it becomes more and more a reality as he weighs his options.

Thank you so much for sharing you grateful heart with us, despite your headaches.

Be blessed today and always...

The Olson's said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! It's always great having new visitors. I hope you'll come back again!
~ Leanne

Darlene said...

Great news!!
I hear there is nothing like GRANDCHILDREN!!
Have a great day!

Peggy said...

Congratulations...that it's gonna be a boy! That truly is awesome Susan! But, I would have thought that after having all boys, your heart delight would be the grand-daughters!

Susan, I will pray...ouch, stuff and TMJ; may you receive and be blessed with a miracle in Jesus' Name...we pray for complete healing and restoration!!!

I'm so pleased that your son in Taiwan seems to be right in God's palm and hopefully the 5 year olds reamin right in his palm and keep on adoring him...he looks like he's settling in very nicely quite quickly...thank you for Susan, calm her heart and soothe her worries with the Balm of Gilead...that will bring the physical healing and now the emotional... What a blessing again to see your heart and love of your husband and sons and grandkids!!!
Blessings, Peggy...Thanks for the visit and precious comment!

Lori said...

Susan - congratulations on a new grandbaby - and a boy - how exciting! I am lifting you up in prayer concerning your TMJ issues....I pray this will be a thing of the past soon and you can be pain-free. Do I hear an AMEN?! Take care!

Aisha said...

Congratulations on your grandson! That is awesome and another wonderful gift from God!

Kelley said...

WOW, Susan you have so many reasons to be thankful! How wonderful you will be a grandma again (although you look way to young for that!!). Sometimes I get excited thinking about Grandmahood but I think it will be awhile .....

Thanks for the compliments on my blog page. It was fun to do and now I am hooked! My family is a little unnerved at the time I spend on my laptop but at least I am here and available!!

I will keep praying for your physical self and your son in Taiwan. You must be REALLY proud of him. How long will he be gone?
I am anxious to hear more updates as you have them!

Take care and enjoy your weekend,
I will see ya soon!


BP said...

Congratulations on your happy news!

Mimi said...

grandsons are really wonderful!!
sorry you are still having a problem with the TMJ.. I pray you find some relief soon...

Amy S. said...

Congratulations Susan! I know you all are so excited. Do they live near you? Once again you are going to be blessed. :)

Love and Hugs..

Dawnie said...

Woo finally get a grandson. Congrats to everyone. Don't forget to email me links so I can start my blog. I am ready!!! Love and miss you.

Julie said...

I understand about having a child overseas. My daughter is currently in Poland. She has been overseas on a YWAM missions trip since January.
I miss her terribly and can't wait to see her at the end of June. She will most likely return to England within a few months to live an extended time working with YWAM.

Just wanted to tell you that I understand.

PS. I too am on the blog team with Internet Cafe.