Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Masterpiece In His Hands


Hey Ladies,

I’m over at the Cafe today!

God spoke to me recently, I’d love to share some things with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you over there!


luvmy4sons said...

I hopped on over and left a comment. You always bless me. Have a great Sunday!

lori said...

You got to spend the weekend with Amy??? How FUN!!! I imagine it was a blast!! Hey...I just sent that Barbie pic's hysterical, and it was bound to happen...can't keep those proportions forever!! LOL!!

Hey, and your devo today was REALLY great...I LOVE getting to see them before everyone else!!

love ya!

Esthermay said...

I love that you use the word "surrender" as you closed out this post over at the Cafe. There is a world of difference in our lives when we "surrender" to Jesus and His Will for us.

Simply being "committed" to Him leaves a piece of ME in the mix.

The clay is not committed to being shaped - it is SURRENDERED to the potter's will! AMEN.

This sounds like an amazing ministry team. Do they have a website or contact info?

LisaShaw said...

I'm on my way over tonight.

Julie said...

Hey friend, I just left you a message at the Cafe... I LOVED this post!

Dana Hope said...


What an amazing, wonderful analogy. I have never heard it put this way. Thank you for so eloquently sharing what God laid on your heart.
Bless you.

Daphine said...

Heading that way now....

Stephanie said...

Wow, Susan! You insights are very inspirational. I bet that was an amazing presentation.

You asked a couple of questions at the end of your post...
Are you willing to yield to God’s powerful touch in your life today?

Will you allow Him to take charge of your life, make you and mold you into the image He sees fit?

Good questions...I am still working on answering them.