Monday, September 13, 2010

Raising Sons…What NOT to do


Marriage Monday




Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3


As the mother of five sons over the years I've learned many things about the male gender.  

The mother-son relationship is a dynamic one, and because of it I have come to appreciate a world that would of seemed foreign to me.

Now having said this, I must add raising sons has also been a tiny major challenge.  These guys have kept me on my toes and on my knees. response to this subject I have some things I can advise that you should not expect from sons.



  • Do not expect your sons to notice your new hair style, outfit, furnishings in your home, or any major changes.  (sorry ladies this isn’t one of their strengths!)


  • Do not expect them to stay clean, or  willing to take a bath without some resistance.


  • Do not expect them to keep their rooms tidy or organized. ( Having fun is a much higher priority )


  • Do not expect them to like getting their hair cut.  (Some guys never out grow this. )





(as you can see 2 of my sons have not seen a barber in a while!)


  • Do not expect them to just sit around quietly and read or color.   Boys are born with a ton of energy they must burn off each day.




  • Do not expect them not to be non-competitive.  Forget it ladies, it’s built in.


  • Do not expect them to remember your birthday or special occasions.  A gentle reminder is usually called for!


  • Do not expect them to grow up.  Boys will always be boys!



DSCN0045  (my son who is a 1st  Lieutenant in the Army!)


Of course, this is not characteristic of all my sons or guys in general, but for the most part it’s pretty much their nature.

Actually, my sons are all so unique and have blessed my life in too many ways to mention.  If you would like to learn more about them I did a post here.

I love each one of them and I'm so grateful.  I personally feel privileged to be the mother of five sons.  Raising boys and watching them grow into fine young men has been one of life's greatest treasures.

And now at this season of my life, I've  been  blessed with three beautiful granddaughters. just doesn't get better then this!


IMG_7294ED - Copy



And not to forget one very cute grandSON!



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Joyfull said...

It is always a blessing to visit your blog and see the beautiful granddaughters, I didn't realize you had 5 fine sons! Those were some wonderful and true tips that you shared! I learned so many of those through living in a house of three boys. What an encouragement that you shared of the joy of watching them turn into men of God. Thanks for sharing today!

Constance said...

You are clearly a fount of wisdom when it comes to raising boys! I only had the one son but I can completely agree with everything you wrote! I remember taking my son for walks twice a day to burn off the excess energy.

He went through the long hair phase as well. I knew that he had grown up when he was in David Charles' wedding last Oct (David is mentioned in my entry for today) and made the decision he wanted to have his hair cut so he would look his best for David on the biggest day of David's life!

Messy...goes w/o saying! I still have to remind him to pick up the wet towels from the floor!

I have loved the journey of transformation of my little boy into a man, what a blessing that God would entrust us with such an important calling!

Jennifer said...

Cute post! Just the other day, I asked my son, who is 15, when he planned on "picking up his room"?? His response was "mom, if I do that, I won't be able to find anything". How true is that?

Have a great week!

(BTW---that grandSON is just adorable!)

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

I really enjoyed your post - and you gave some wonderful advice too!

bibek anand said...

you true sister.every child is special and should be cared delicately.follow me at

Wendy said...

Enjoyed your post! I chose the same topic! I'm encouraged to see someone further along in parenting that survived bringing up boys, and you 2 upped me too! :)

Tami Boesiger said...

Spoken like a veteran Susan! Well done! I wonder, though, even if they don't notice everything, do they still have a soft spot for their mama?

e-Mom said...

Grinning SOOOOOO broadly, Susan. Oh, such fun. Your boys (well, young men) are a huge treasure! How did one of them go from a sweet little lump to 1st Lieutenant in the Army? You make me want to do it all.over.again. (But I'll settle for grandkids instead.)

Loved all your photos--as usual-- and your wise words of advice. LOL, so true: "Do not expect your sons to notice your new hair style, outfit, furnishings in your home, or any major changes."

Happy to have you back today, and thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, Susan.

(((Hugs))) e-Mom ღ

Lynn said...

Oh Susan,

Absolutely delightful my friend and I LOVED the photos and now all those little ones.

I can't wait for the grandkids....

Great post and filled with wisdom and love. Hugging you. Lynn

Mac an Rothaich said...

What a fun post, and such great photos. I love your points about boys as I have two myself. Also went awwwwww when I saw the picture of your grandgirls and then your little grandbaby boy! SO SWEET!

Faith said...

I so much enjoyed your post!! What handsome boys and GORGEOUS granddaughters...and Very Adorable grandson! :) what a blessing it must be to see your sons growing and having children.....just so precious, long hair and all! :)

Bart said...

Great Susan! Words of wisdom!! I am so blessed to have had the privilege of watching all your sons grow into fine independent young men! You & Ricky should be very proud!! Love y'all!!

tonya said...

Your post made me smile! SO true, boys don't grow up. My husband loved playing with kids when they were little. Anything that meant moving and he was there. Great post!

MiPa said...

This post made me smile! Bless you for sharing.

joelle said...

I needed to read that.Thanks.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

That is so true. Boys are such unique characters & so much fun to raise. Thanks for sharing your wisdom & experience!