Monday, November 29, 2010

Project 365 My Week In Pictures





Caught a tender moment as my granddaughters were holding hands.  I pray they will always remain this close.



While we were in New Orleans we decided to pass by one of my father’s rental properties.  The little balcony on the side of this house was where I saw him waving good-bye to me for the last time.  It’s been many years since that wonderful day.  A memory I’ll cherish in my heart forever.



Was taking some pictures of Grace and she decided to take a break.  She starting to look so grown up. 



We spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. It’s not very often I have all of my 5 sons together in one place.   Had  a wonderful day.  Lots of delicious food and fellowship.    The day could of not ended better with the Saints victory over Dallas. All the men were cheering them on.   Yes, the Who Dat Nation was very excited and proud.



After many years of buying real Christmas trees we decided to buy an artificial tree this year.  After shopping around, we found one we really liked.  No more putting all those lights on the tree.  My husband was thrilled.



We finished decorating the tree, and were really happy with the way it turned out.  Can you tell it’s an artificial?  No more watering and needles on the floor.



Now, this picture was taken several Sunday’s ago.   My sweet neighbor and fellow photographer blessed us by taking some family photo’s.  She did such a GREAT job!   I just loved the way she captured these expressions!


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Tracy said...

Great looking family! The boys are all BIG (grown) and handsome!

The last one of the girls is awesome!

Deb said...

Great week of photos! It's so nice that your family was all together at Tahnksgiving!

Melanie said...

Catching up with your posts. Love them all...beautiful photos and you look so happy with your husband and 5 sons!!! said...

Great shots! And the last one - I love their jammies{?} so cute!

Charlene said...

I really enjoyed your photos, and I especially like the way you have the days on each photo. What a tender moment you shared about your Father....Thanks for sharing!