Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Fun day out!


Fabulous Friday


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This past Monday my hubby and I took our grands out for a day of fun.  We decided to go downtown to visit the museum, only to find it closed.



So, the girls decided they would do some modeling for me in front of the Old State Capitol.



It was now around noon, and the sun was getting pretty hot.




So we kept walking until I found some shade under some beautiful oak trees.



Then girls then wanted to climb the levee to see the  Mississippi River.




While taking their pictures, a nice lady passed by and offered to take a shot of us all together!  How sweet.



Then it was off to the the mall to have lunch.  The girls love trying on clothes so they picked out some beautiful dresses to try on.




Oh Grammy, we’ll pretend we are at the ball!




Once we got back home they were excited to play with some new chalk they got for Easter.  So Popsy was drafted to help draw a hopscotch for them!



Yep, there’s nothing like a fun game of hopscotch to end a perfect day!  “Be careful Kayla, you can’t step on the lines”.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful day spent with two beautiful girls. How blessed they are to have you in their live.

Chelsea said...

I like people who offer to take a group shot! Such cute grandgirls you have- I really love that jumping hopscotch picture.

denise* paper angels said...

aha they look adorable!! i am loving the colour coordination!! blessings, denise xx

Pieni Lintu said...

Cute girls! :)

Jane said...

Love that last photo of hopping on the hop scotch! What a fun day out!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. So cute!!

Allison Hoffman said...

such cute girls! love the last shot - great job catching her in midair!

deb duty said...

I think my last comment didn't publish so I'll try to remember what I said. The photos are fabulous. I love the setting by the old state capital. I want to go down there before it gets too hot! It looks like you were having so much fun and I'm glad to see that Rick looks like he's recovering nicely from his surgery. Awesome post!!!

Tiffany said...

What a great the shot of the four of you and the fashion show, too cute! Have a great weekend.


PS love the jump shot too:)

Jessie said...

What a fun day! Great captures as well!

Jessie said...

What a fun day! Great captures as well!

AJ said...

They are just super cute models.
Great shots!

alicia said...

So lucky to have each other. Love the shades.

Courtney said...

These are precious! What little hams you have. :)

Rajlakshmi said...

adorable :D
you sure are having a wonderful time :) such lovely captures :D

Pennie said...

Oh, to have warmth and sun!!! I'm so jealous!

You took some beautiful pics of some beautiful girls! ;)

Buckeroomama said...

What a fun, fun day! The girls look so pretty in their lime green tops and with those bows in their hair.

You don't look old enough to be a grammy! :)

Missouri's Lilac said...

What a great family day. Your grandkids are so lovely. The hopscotch photo is so much fun.

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Adorable girls and photos! So sweet!
Thankyou for your comment on my blog!

Candi said...

Love the 2nd one and the last one

Jennifer said...

These are awesome! The last one is my favourite and I totally agree - you don't look old enough to have grandchildren.

Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!