Monday, April 11, 2011

Project 365-My Week In Pictures






Sorry I was away last week.  We had so much going on in our family I was unable to post my pictures.  Some of these were taken the week before.  Winking smile



Our sweet little Kayla was so excited to bring over her soccer trophy to show Grammy and Popsy.  She is such a great player.  We are proud of you!  Go Kayla!



The day after back surgery.  Oh my…  My husband amazes me.  No matter what is going on or how bad he feels, he can still manage a smile.  I’m so glad this is finally behind him.  Now it’s time to mend.  We’re believing this fusion will be a success, and he’ll enjoy all the activities he loves once again.  Get well soon!



I bought this little rock a while back and finally found a place for it in my garden.  My heart is filled with gratitude for the many things the Lord has done for us.  I’ve learned over the years that gratitude is the key to true contentment.



I finally got a picture of some of the ladies in my photography class.  We were out shooting at dusk near our teacher’s studio.  Our goal was to learn how to change our settings in manual as the lighting changed.  As you can see, we are all still learning!  My teacher is the tall guy on the left.



Finally my husband came home from the hospital.  We were grateful that our middle son Joseph came over to spend the week and lend a hand.  I had a wonderful week catching up with him myself.  He and his dad are quite a pair when they are together.



This picture was actually taken the Saturday before last.  The kids were really ecstatic when they discovered the Easter bunny was in the mall. 



As you can see, the temps have really begun to warm up in South Louisiana.  The girls had a blast playing on the trampoline and the sprinkler.




Tracy said...

Great week of shots! I pray your hubby heals quick and recovers fully. Hope you are learning a lot in class.

Anonymous said...

Great photos this week. I am glad your husband had his surgery. Hope he heals quickly. Love the easter bunny photo.

Christie said...

I pray that your husband will feel better now that the back surgery is behind him.

Precious shot of your son and him as he recovers.

Oh my, we get snow, you have grand babies jumping on a trampoline with a sprinkler. I want to be where you are...teheee! The weather here the past few days has seen much of the snow melt and there are signs of spring all around.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. You are a precious soul!

Do take care. {I love looking at your photos every week also!}

brenda said...

What a great photo week! Praying your husband's on the mend.

Rene' Sharp said...

Great photos as usual Susan!! Hope your hubby heals quickly and well. Lucky you to be doing a photography class, I dream of doing this one day. I live in a teeny tiny town where such things just don't happen. Enjoy your week further x

packmom said...

Oh back surgery! That has got to be so hard. Love the shot of your husband recovering with his son by his side. They look close.

Karli said...

Amen!! Get well soon! WOW, what a beautiful family you have; looks like such a happy, supportive bunch. Praying for a quick recovery!! XOXO

Chelsea said...

My mom is scheduled for back surgery next week- she's having a fusion as well. Glad to hear your husband's surgery was successful and I'll be interested to hear more as he heals (?!) we're praying success over my mom's surgery as well ;-)

dawn said...

So nice to see your pictures. I will keep your husband in my prayers for a speedy and easy recovery. Wish we had more of that warm weather here for us. Just seeing all the shorts, sprinkler fun makes me want summer to get here faster. Your rock is precious and it's a great place for it. Thanks for sharing Susan.

Kristal said...

Praying for you husband to heal quickly and this be the fix he needed.

Love the bunny shot!

Julie Arduini said...

Your pictures are so crisp and inviting, they are amazing. What a gift you have. Praying for your husband's recovery be filled with favor and acceleration. Thank you for leaving a comment on my WFW post this week. Have a blessed weekend.

Kimberly said...

Your photos are all lovely! I prayed for your husband - to recover quickly. Your grandkids are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Christine said...

Susan, I'm catching up in blog-world here. Good to hear your husband came through surgery. I loved seeing all the warm things--we had a touch of snow yesterday and I'm so cold!

Have a great week,