Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heart Trouble?

Hi Ladies,

Please join me today over at the Internet Cafe. Need a visit to God's heart hospital? He's waiting there for you. From time to time I think we all need a little check up. I'll look forward to seeing you there!


Jennifer said...

Praying for a safe trip AND praying for great results! Keep us posted! Also, I enjoyed reading your post on "the HEART".

luvmy4sons said...

I did go over and I am glad I did. Praying for you and yoru family.

Smelling Coffee said...

Susan~ What a great devotion! I love how God takes the difficult paths we walk with Him and turns them into beautiful life lessons for us and for others. May the Lord bless each of you on this trip and appointment.

Rena Gunther said...

Hi Susan! I lost touch a bit since Gustav visited. I thought about you and how you faired.

How are you?
You neighbor blogger,

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Susan,
Just want you to know I'll be praying for you and your son. I too stand in faith that you get WONDERFUL RESULTS TO THE TESTS.

Maxine said...

Susan, I just got back and I tell you, you are quite a devotional writer. What a blessing. What spiritual lessons we can learn from the physical ones. The Lord be with your family. I know you're all trusting in Him.

e-Mom said...

Catching up with you today. Your blog looks so bea-ooo-tea-ful! I love the graphics and all your special touches. Wow!

Have a wonderful day today Susan. God loves YOU.

(((Big hugs))) e-Mom

Kelley said...

It has been so much fun catching up with you! You truly have an amazing heart and it shows up once again in this post! I will join you in praying that all is well with Jordan and that your heart will rest easy throughout all of the tests. I think that being a mom is just one test after another!! Thanks for all of your kind comments and prayers over at my site, it really lifted me up during my "time off".