Wednesday, October 1, 2008


With all the uncertainty we face each day, I'm so blessed we have something that will sustain us daily.

God's faithful word remains. His greatness and majesty
will never change! He is with us.

This is a prayer taken from a devotion I read today:

Father, in a world of so many words that are used to "spin" so many answers and aid in so much communicational manipulation, I thank you for Jesus' promises that are sure and trustworthy. Help me as I seek to build my life on your Son's promises. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
Please join us today at 160 Acre Woods!


Twinkle Mom said...

Your blog looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the new changes...praying all has been well with you!

Jill said...

AMEN! Susan - I thank God HE is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. That He knows what is coming and that nothing happening here on earth is a suprise to Him. That He holds it all in His very capable hands.


Kristi said...

Amen! He is sure and He is so trustworthy. Blessings to you and your family.

Debra said...

Praising the Lord for His Word and how we can depend on it. Happy WFW. Blessings to you today!

Melanie said...

Amen, Susan! I am SO thankful God sustains us each and every day.

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to know that our Lord's word is forever, how reassuring in a world where everything moves and changes so fast. The picture is beautiful too; it looks almost like a dream. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Ann said...

Praising God for His unchanging trustworthiness and holiness in this ever-changing world. Happy WFW, Susan, and thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo and Scripture.

Amy@saved by grace said...

I like the new look of the blog. and Thanking God for all His promises today.

Denise said...

I love your new blog look sweetie.

luvmy4sons said...


Tonya said...

Hey there, Susan!

I ALMOST made it in today to post with you guys on "WFW." I'd been working on pictures of Allie Grace and decided to post them instead. I'll try to join you all next week.

As ALWAYS, YOUR post blesses my heart!

Hey, I just remembered two things. One, Jordan has a birthday coming up - what's the date again?

Also, when is your trip to St. Jude??


Tonya said...

Me again.. HA!!

I just saw where you posted a couple of comments on my blog.

First, You should SO join in on the next "Not Me!" Monday! It's a lot of fun - MANY of those women are just SO FUNNY! I'm trying to get back in the swing of things.. I hope to be doing all the regular memes again SOON!

Next, You are MORE THAN WELCOME to ANYTHING that I've learned. =-) I used "Picasa 3" (I downloaded it from google) Follow the link and go and download it.. it's REALLY easy!

(Be sure to click "save" when the screen pops up) There are a few steps after that.. If you want, just call me and I'll talk you through it. (The download and everything) Once you do it one time, it's very easy!

Okay.. now I'm excited that YOU decided to play along with my game today. Your letter will be, "F." (I let Gabe pick it for me) :o)



He And Me + 3 said...

I cling to His word on a daily basis, so I am so glad that it is unchanging! Nice picture!

lori said...

AMEN sister SUE! I know that kind of sounds like a gospel 50's song...:)
You know it's great to see you sorta, kinda back in the groove...I've missed hangin with you!

You got my email right?:)

Hugs to you..

Denise said...


Carrie said...

Wonderful Bible verses and prayer.

Runner Mom said...

I praise Him and am thankful that He is the same yesterday, today , and tomorrow. We talked about this in our Precepts Bible Study today--we're studying Isaiah.
Love ya,

Michele Williams said...

Amen! So thankful He never changes!

DeeDee said...

Oh what a Word for us all in these uncertain days.
Thank you for you WFW to us all!
Sweet Blessings,

Nancie said...

Amen! Thank God that His Words remain forever! Thank you for sharing this comforting verse with us and the lovely picture. This new look is nice. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog and for participating in my give-away. Your feedback is valuable and encouraging. Thanks! Take care and may God bless you with His peace and joy always.

Tonya said...

Morning, my Friend!

I'm just stopping in to see if you'd posted. I'll check back later.

Hey, remind me that I have a blog question for you? =-)


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

First of all..I LOVE your new blog look!!! So adorable.

Second...I CANNOT believe that the leader of Deluge is your worship leader!! Can I come to your church on Sunday???

The song Open Up the Sky is now both Ashley and my favorite song.

Ash sent me the youtube link to Deluge's song as her YWAM team in Maui LOVES this song...and so do I.

You certainly are BLESSED beyond measure to have such a tender heart leading your worship.

Tell me, is there a place I can buy a CD? Seriously...I need this music on my ipod!!!

Blessings to you sweet friend...and thanks for stopping by!

Tracy said...

I so praise the Lord for this! One of the most profound blessings for a believer is God's changelessness! (Is that a real word? I think you know what I mean...) Makes me think of an beloved 4Him song called "He Never Changes..." Thank you for sharing this awesome scripture.

Tracy = )

Amydeanne said...

i love the new look! lol i had to figure out if i was at the right place! lol

I"m so glad God is unmoveable!!!

and your gdaughter is adorable!!!

Peggy said...

Blessings Susan...this is Heavenly!
All of what you say & share, the photo, the verse, the prayer! Praise God that our certainty and assurance
is not in what we face today, each day...but how He sustains us & gives us hope & His Word remains & is faithful. How Great & Majestic is Our Unchanging Lord!!! Thank you for this powerful illustration of His Majesty!