Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Ok, I've been tagged! Amy Bayliss from In Pursuit of Proverbs 31 has asked me to name 8 Things From My Kitchen. I think I'll choose some things I enjoy and use alot. As a mom of 5 sons you can only "imagine" how much time I have spent in this room. I learned the old saying is really true, "A way to man's heart is through is stomach!" Really the kitchen is one of my favorite places. I grew up in a large family as well, so much of my childhood was spent watching my mom cook! There are so many things I could name, but I'll narrow it down to these:

1) My big pots! Yep, even though I only have 2 sons left at home, I still cook in huge volumes. Now I just have more to freeze and enjoy later!

2). I guess my freezer would come next. I could of never survived without an additional freezer. Not only do I put my extras in there, I love to shop the sales and stock up!

3). A few years ago I was invited to a Pampered Chef party. That night I bought something that I now could never live without. It was this awesome "spreader", (not sure what the actual name for them is?) I love using them to make sandwiches, butter toast, spread icing, and the list goes on. I now have 6 of them. No turning back to the traditional butter knife for me!

4). I just moved into a new home and this is the first time I have a convection oven, oh my! I was never great a baking, but now I'm having lots of fun. There is nothing I like better than a perfect crust.
5) When I cook, there is an ingredient I put in all my gravies. Growing up, my mom taught me how to make a roux. But now I can say good-bye to my skillet. All you need is some Tony Chacherie's Instant Roux Mix, and talk about a rich, nice thick gravy, hmmm, makes me hungry thinking about it. This stuff is a life saver for busy mom's.

6) I just love my cypress cabnets. They really set the kitchen off and this naturally beautiful wood is so popular down here in the land of the great cypress swamps.

7) I always need lots of cooking supples, and my pantry is the place I go. I think I have two of everything in there - like Noah's ark.

8) Whenever I have a few minutes to just sit down and relax, I love to have a nice cup of hot tea and watch the beautiful humming birds zoom in and out for a sip of nectar from my feeder just outside the breakfast area window!

So, tell me some things you enjoy in your kitchen?

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Lynn said...

Okay, is it bad that #8 made me laugh? Somehow I have a hard time picturing you relaxing at all!