Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My 100th Post!

Wow, it's hard to believe. When I first start blogging I could not think of anything to write! Hmm, looks like I have not been lacking for "words". Hope you enjoy this fun post. No preaching I promise. I want to thank each and every one of you who have been so kind to stop by. I appreciate all the many encouraging words, you'll never know how much they mean to me. I feel so honored to get to know so many wonderful, talented women who are on FIRE for the Lord! Blessings to you my wonderful friends out there in blogland~

1. Was born February 9th, (still 29).
2. Reborn June 20th, 1977.
3. One of 6 children.
4. Attended 7 different schools before college. (no my parents were not in the Military!)
5. I played the flute from 4th grade until I graduated.
6. Went to LSU. “Geaux Tigers”!
7. Was proposed to on my 2nd date, on July 4th under the fireworks show.
8. Married one year later.
9. Was the mom of 4 children under the age of seven (how did I do that?).
10. Five years later give birth to my 5th son.
11. My son’s names are all J’s…
12. Jason Mark.
13. Justin Michael.
14. Joseph Matthew.
15. Jordan Marchal.
16. Joel David.
17. I have only lived in Louisiana, and…
18. Maryland.
19. I have taken mission trips to…
20. Russia (3x’s).
21. Haiti, and…
22. Amsterdam.
23. My favorites foods are…
24. Desserts!
25. I'll eat anything that is chocolate.
26. Cake.
27. Cookies.
28. Pralines.
29. And when I must, I also eat…
30. Chicken
31. Red beans (New Orleans style).
32. White beans (my style).
33. Cabbage.
34. Broccoli.
35. Steak.
36. Sweet potatoes.
37. Spaghetti and…
38. Hamburgers.
39. Some hobbies I enjoy are…
40. Scrapbooking.
41. Reading.
42. Shopping.
43. Shopping, and…
44. Shopping!
45. I also used to Sew…
46. Cross-stitch.
47. Quilt, and do
48. Calligraphy.
49. I have a cat name Caesar (who rules the house).
50. I had a dog named Jedi for 15 years (that I still miss).
51. I've always wanted to…
52. Sing.
53. Play in the symphony.
54. Draw, and…
55. Exercise.
56. Still making excuses...
57. People that have inspired me are…
58. Jesus.
59. My parents.
60. My husband.
61. Beth Moore.
62. Corrie Ten Boon.
63. Helen Keller.
64. Bunny Wilson.
65. Nancy Guthrie.
66. Kay Arthur.
67. Heather Duckworth
68. Susan Pauxtis.
69. Charles Spurgeon.
70. Dr. Ben Carson.
71. Dr. Loice Swisher.
72. Tonya Nason.
73. My Russian spiritual daughter, Jane.
74. Some places I'd still love to visit…
75. Israel.
76. England.
77. France.
78. Australia.
79. I support…
80. St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
81. Habitat for Hope (love you Mark and Mylissa).
82. Relay for Life.
83. American Brain Tumor Society.
84. New Missions.
85. My three granddaughters are…
86. Grace Kelly Amato
87. Kayla Michelle Amato, and
88. Karli Madison Amato
89. They are the most beautiful bundles of love.
90. I'll be a Grammy again in September 2008.
91. I enjoy…
92. Spending time with my husband.
93. My children (most of the time).
94. My grand daughters (all of the time).
95. Going to church.
96. Listening to music.
97. Hanging out with friends.
98. Encouraging people.
99. Praying, and you guessed it…
100. Blogging!

I did it, you did it. Thanks for taking the time to sit and read through my 100th post as I celebrate today!


lori said...

How fun....
It's fun to know a bit more...I moved soooooo many times...came home to a different house every year of college, which by the way...I'm a TIGER fan too.....'cept...CLEMSON Tigers...!! :):)

I just think it's neat that you have 5 BOYS...I always wanted all boys...and my husband is the last of 4 boys...don't know how that woman did it!:):)

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!
here's to 100 more!!
ah....make that 1,000!!:)

Tonya said...

HAPPY Blogiversary, SUSAN!! I like this 100th rule. It's such a neat way to get to know more about YOU! It's been a blessing to "glean" from you over the past few years... YOU'RE such an inspiration to me and so many others....


e-Mom said...

Loved this list! I learned a lot about you. You are the sweetest, neatest woman. (He proposed on the 2nd date, eh? Wow!)

Did you know my husband met the Lord in Louisiana? He took a year out between high school and college (ages ago now) and travelled the US. At one point, he ended up in New Orleans, and the Lord grabbed hold of him. Like you, he's been to Russia on missions.

Bless you, and congratulations on your 100th post. You're an experienced blogger now... :~D

Hugs, e-Mom

Jan Parrish said...

Happy 100th post. I played the flute too but I quit in the 9th grade because I didn't want to be a "bandy."

Tami Boesiger said...

Congratulations on post 100! Yours is a sweet spirit in the blogosphere.

Patty said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. You know I have been blogging for 13 months and I have over 300 posts. I was surprised at that. LOL!!

Heather@Mommymonk said...


It sure is hard to believe you have grandchildren, especially since you're 29! :)