Monday, March 10, 2008

My Ultimate Purpose


Are you a list maker? Gosh, I keep them all over my house, in my purse, and sometimes even in my car! I'll put a coat or jacket on and find them in my pockets, weeks or months later. I don't think I could function without my "lists". However, no matter how hard I try, it sometimes seems like trying to get all of those things done is just impossible! You would think 24 hours in one day was enough time, but most days it's just not. Something must be wrong, but what is it?

All of us have to play multiple roles in our lives, and wear many different hats. It can get easy to become overwhelmed by all of the demands that life can bring. Sometimes I fear if I stop juggling, all the balls will come crashing down. Whew, I'm just blessed that God doesn't demand for me to complete every one of the items on my “to do lists” everyday. He knows our frame, our strengths, and our weaknesses. He is there to come along side with us. He really wants us to learn the secret of how to lean more on Him. That is when He can help us the most to bear all the burdens of life.

Thanks Lori for sharing this awesome quote in this week’s “In Other Words”. Yes, there is hope!

"We leave something incomplete everyday, whether it's an area of housework, school, work, friendship, ministry ~ because we are finite."
Taken from The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer.

I find when I get my priorities straight, I can get more accomplished each day. I once read a great analogy about keeping your life in balance. Someone once said, it's like having a jar you are filling up with rocks of various sizes. If you put the biggest rock in first, you can fill the remaining space with the little rocks. However, if you attempt to put the little rocks in first, the big rock will never fit in that jar. What is the biggest ROCK in your jar?

If we put God, (spending time in prayer and in the Word) on our schedules first, then our family, our careers, our ministry, and so on, will manage to work themselves out. God first, then everything thing else will get in line after God.

I know one list I want to complete, and that is what God has purposed and called for me to do for Him. At the end of it all, I want to be able to say I have lived well, run a good race, and finished my course. Then when we finally get the chance to stand before him face to face and hear those words every child of God longs to hear:
"Well done, good and faithful servant".

Some of those other things will just have to go undone because after all I am just finite.
OK, I think I'll go and put that on the top of my list ...that is if I can find it!

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e-Mom said...

Amen, Susan. What a great post! Yes, I am a list-maker, AND I stick post-it notes everywhere. Yesterday, my husband and I decided I needed to be more spontaneous, and plan less. :~D

When we prioritize our day around serving our Lord, everything else seems to fall into place. I try to arrange my entire life's priorities around Him too--keeping the end in sight and working backwards. :~D

(The Hidden Art of Homemaking is one of my favorite books. I've quoted Edith Schaeffer in my latest post too. Lol, we must be from the same era!)

Lana G! said...

The Rock illustration was great!
God first then everything else falls into place.

Anonymous said...

Great post and so true. We can make list all day long but He needs to be at the top.

Karen said...

I like your rock illustration. I just learned that last year and boy has it made a difference.

Tonya said...

Susan, I really enjoyed this post. I had to laugh when you said you'd add to the list... IF you could find it. HA!!! That's SO ME!

The illustration you shared about putting the biggest rock in first made me think of something I heard once. I think it was Billy Graham's daughter, Ann Graham Lotz (sp? Do I even have her married name right??) who said that starting each morning with CHRIST was the best way to start your day. She compared it to a recital. We wouldn't wait until it was over to practice... why then would we wait till the end of the day to spend time with our LORD? Of course I don't always do that either... but my day sure does run more smoothly when I do! ;-)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart!

Love you!!!!

Christin said...

Wonderful thoughts, thank you for sharing them with us. Going alone with the rocks in a jar, I think it was Lisa Whelchel that gave a very similar illustration, but also used sand. Said that if you put the rocks in first and then the sand, you can fit more sand in. However, if you try to put the sand in first and then the rocks, all the rocks won't fit. The rocks represent the most important priorities~and like you stated, the biggest rock represents the biggest priority and it needs to go in first. :) Excellent post, thank you again! BTW, I love your blog. It is very inspiring and relaxing. :)

lori said...

Oh am I a list maker too...don't tell anyone but I even write things I've done, just to be able to check it off...

I am learning to prioritize and realize that the LIST will never be completely done!!

AND I WAS AT THE TOP OF YOUR were the first one in!!

Your words inspire and we are on the same page..same Scripture quoted...great minds thinking alike!
You keep me in check girl!
loved your post and love you!
thank you for the blessing!

twinklemom said...

AMEN! I so love this...I have my dayplanner chained to my hip and its hard not to feel like everything is out of whack if I don't follow it but I'm so so grateful to God for showing me and finding ways of "tripping me" to make me stop and remember where the real priorities in life is.

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Isn't this thought liberating? I mean, we can still keep lists and try to accomplish all that is humanly possible, but how freeing to realize that not all of it actually IS humanly possible!

mamas*little*treasures said...

Susan - thanks for stopping by my blog! You sound so much like me :o) and I just know it helps me SOOOO much to connect with other moms who try so hard to do everything that needs to be done, but we need to be reminded what is really MOST important. Also, it looks like there are a few of us "older" moms out here. That's fun! But perhaps you could see from my blog that, even though I have four adult children, my hubby and I have adopted two beautiful daughters from China, ages 7 and 5, so we are still right in the midst of all that stuff that we did many, many years ago. But we're having fun (when we're not too exhausted to enjoy it!) Nina

Mimi said...

This post was exactly what I needed today...I am a maker of lists too...but I find that sometimes I am trying to squeeze God in after i have filled my jar with little busy things...and I just don't have enough room for Him to fit properly...
Thanks for this reminder...

Tonya said...

Hello, My friend! Just checking in to see if you'd posted yet today.


Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Once again you have spoken to my heart. You are very gifted that way!! I have found myself very guilty of not putting God first lately. You are right, the whole day is different when I put Him first! I plan to spend lots of time "catching up with God" over Spring Break!


Amy B said...

Your words are always music to my ears! Great job.. love the illustration!