Saturday, December 27, 2008

His Grace Is Enough

(Please remember to mute my music player!)

Today I've chosen a song from Hillsong's new CD, "This is our God". I bought the DVD for my son Jordan as a Christmas gift. Now we've been watching it day and night since he opened it on Christmas morning. Talk about some anointed music, this new release is really a powerful expression of praise to God. I pray you will feel the heart of God as you worship Him.

My son Joseph is now living in Sydney, only a short way from this awesome church. We are encouraging him daily to attend Hillsong while he is living there in Sydney. Please believe with us he will make it for a service! If I only had the opportunity, I would be there in a flash.

Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

Blessings to you my precious friends~
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Jennifer said...

Wow! This is beautiful!! I'm going to get this DVD today. Thank you for sharing this. Anointing it is! Believing your son will make it to this awesome church!

Happy New Year

LisaShaw said...


Dearest Heavenly Father, We pray in agreement for Joseph to be drawn by the power of Your love to the church service. We pray for his heart to be so filled with Your presence that he is never the same again. We ask this for Your glory Father that Joseph's life will be used as a willing vessel in Jesus Name. Thank you Father. We love you and we pray in Jesus Name with hearts of gratitude. Amen. Amen.

luvmy4sons said...

Awesome song. Praying your son find the place God has for him.

Cathy said...

Just beautiful, I love Hillsong, and may have to get that new CD. Thanks for visiting me. Happy New Year!

Pttyann said...

Wow that song I loved it thanks for sharing.Love in Christ
hope you all have a Happy New Year.

Christina said...

Who doesn't love Hillsong.

Edie said...

Thank you Susan for this wonderful time of worship! I prayed for you son while I was worshiping too. :)

Deare Diary said...

Awesome is the only word I can say! He is an awesome God and I am believing that your son will soon be saying the same thing.
In prayer for you and yours,

Susie Harris said...

Hi there neighbor! Glad you stopped by. I look forward to catching up on some great post from you. Nice to meet you~

Daphine said...

What a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing it!

Wow! What an awesome opportunity for your son! Believing with you that he makes it to a service!

Jeauxdi said...

Thank you for the visit, come back anytime! =0)

Laurie Ann said...

This is awesome! And I will be praying for your son as well.